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Chad W. Hargrave

Graduate Advisor
Justin Williams

Graduate Faculty
Sibyl R. Bucheli, Madhusudan Choudhary, Jerry L. Cook, Tamara J. CookJuan D. DazaJames R. DeShaw, Anne R. Gaillard, Chad W. Hargrave, James HarperPatrick J. Lewis, William I. Lutterschmidt, Aaron M. Lynne, Diane L. H. Neudorf, John PascarellaTodd P. Primm, Christopher P. RandleJoni SeelingMonte L. Thies, Justin K. WilliamsJeffrey Wozniak

Departmental Mission
The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and scientific discovery in the life sciences through innovative teaching and research programs. The department strives to instill in its students the philosophy of lifelong scholarship, producing scientifically literate members of society who have the knowledge to contribute and compete in a rapidly changing world.

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Academic Programs

Biology, MS
See also: Forensic Science, MS in the College of Criminal Justice


The graduate program in biology is designed to prepare students for both a related doctoral program and for a career as a professional biologist in industry, government, and academia. This degree is research-oriented, requiring 26 hours of course work, and 6 hours of thesis. A diverse faculty allows students to choose among the gamut of biological research options, from studying the molecular basis of disease to investigating the ecological and evolutionary processes of macroorganisms. Faculty disciplines include Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Forensic Science, Systematics, Animal Behavior, GIS, Ecology, Entomology, Botany, Parasitology, Ichthyology, Herpetology, Ornithology, and Mammalogy. Explore more about the faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at: https://www.shsu.edu/academics/biological-sciences/people/faculty.html

The Department of Biological Sciences houses an animal facility, greenhouses, and laboratories with a scanning electron microscope and modern molecular biology equipment. We maintain the Warner Herbarium, Sam Houston State Vertebrate Museum, Texas Bird Sound Library, and the Center for Biological Field Studies, a 250-acre filed station that contains the Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility, dedicated to biological and environmental research and teaching.

Student Organizations and Activities

The Biological Sciences Graduate Student Organization (BSGSO) was established by graduate students.  The purpose of the organization is to foster the interests of graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences, to promote and support academic and social activities of interest to graduate students, and to serve as liaison between the graduate students, faculty, staff, and other organizations.  Membership in BSGSO consists of being a graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences.  Anne Gaillard is the faculty advisor for BSGSO. Visit the following website for more information on BSGSO: https://shsu.collegiatelink.net/organization/bsgso


Academic scholarships, research and travel awards are available from the Department of Biological Sciences, the College of Sciences, and the Office of Graduate Studies. These awards include:

  • The Joey Harrison Scholarship from the Department of Biological Sciences
  • The College of Sciences Special Graduate Scholarship
  • Office of Graduate Studies Scholarship
  • Office of Graduate Studies Travel Awards

Departmental scholarship information may be obtained by writing to Scholarships, Department of Biological Sciences, Box 2116, SHSU, Huntsville, Texas 77341-2116 or by visiting www.shsu.edu/~bio_www/scholarships.html. Please visit the College of Sciences and the Office of Graduate Studies websites for specifics on their application process.

Graduate Student Support
Competitive teaching and research assistantships are available to graduate students in Biology through the Department of Biological Sciences and individual faculty members. The Office of Graduate Studies and College of Sciences offers scholarships to graduate students to support travel to scientific meetings to present research findings. For details and application materials, contact the Graduate Committee Chair, Justin Williams, Department of Biological Sciences, Box 2116, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX 77341-2116; (936) 294-2226; email bio_www@shsu.edu. Details are also available on the Department’s website at: https://www.shsu.edu/academics/biological-sciences/.


Biology (BIOL)

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