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Program Description

The Teacher Certification program is designed to prepare individuals to teach at the elementary, middle,  or secondary education level. Applicants interested in pursuing teacher certification should contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at (936) 294-1129 or masterci@shsu.edu for more information.

Depending on the semester of enrollment, this certification program may be completed in twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months.

The Teacher Certification program at Sam Houston State University is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the State Board of Education Certification through the Texas Accountability System for Educator Preparation Program.

Applicants may also seek the Teacher Certification in coordination with the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.


Student applications for admission to the graduate programs in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction are assessed holistically on multiple criteria by a faculty committee. To be considered, applicants should submit the following directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

    1. Graduate Application
    2. Application fee
    3. An official transcript from the applicant's undergraduate degree granting institution
    4. Pre-Admission Content Test

For a single field certification (e.g. History), you need at least 24 hours of the teaching field coursework with at least a 2.5 grade point average in the 24 hours. Twelve of the 24 Hours must be 300 or 400 level courses.

For the Science Composite, you need coursework from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology. At least 16 hours of the 52 hours must be from one of the sciences, and 12 hours of the 16 hours must be 300 or 400 level courses. You need at least a 2.5 grade point average in the 52 hours.

For a composite certification, a transcript evaluation is very important.

For a listing of approved post-baccalaureate certification programs, please visit the Department of Curriculum and Instruction website at www.shsu.edu/~cai_www.

Certificate Requirements 

Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification
Course Name Hours
Specified Courses (18 credit hours)
CIED 5397 Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan 3
CIED 5360 Advanced Techniques and Methods of Instruction 3
CIED 5393 Assessment of Learning 3
READ 5311 Literacy and Learning Grades 8-12 3
CIED 5398 Internship in Classroom Instruction I 3
CIED 5399 Internship in Classroom Instruction II 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Curriculum and Instruction (CIED)
Reading (READ)

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